Turn it up! New music to get your new semester off on the right note

As the semester really gets into the full swing of things, it’s essential to have a prime playlist to get you through everything from laborious problem sets to those oh-so-tedious sprints to your next lecture. With so many new releases to start off the new year, we at the Clog have simplified things for you by compiling a list of five songs to add to your Spotify or Apple Music account.


Is J. Cole’s newest hit an anthem for middle children everywhere? Maybe not, being that he only has an older brother. However, “MIDDLE CHILD” does speak on the ever-changing hip-hop industry which is currently differentiated between older icons like Jay-Z and newer controversial emcees like Tekashi 6ix9ine. Where does J. Cole find himself? Exactly in the middle of it all. Here at UC Berkeley, with thousands upon thousands of undergrads to construe its diverse, unparalleled college atmosphere, Cole has made a rap that resonates with students who find themselves somewhere in the middle of it all.

“Don’t Trip” by Zacari

If you’re unfamiliar with Zacari, he’s the most recent artist to sign to the famed label Top Dawg Entertainment, which is comprised of some of the biggest names in the game like SZA and Kendrick Lamar. “Don’t Trip” serves as a sultry single to compliment his signing and gives a taste of what’s to come with his debut album. While the song centers around relationship drama, it’s relatable to most students regardless of whether you’re single or not. At some point or another during our college career, we might’ve made a big deal about a less than perfect homework assignment or thought that our midterm performance was catastrophic. In these times, it’s crucial to remember not to trip as Zacari would advise.

“Mile High” by James Blake (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)

No stranger to adding prominent hip-hop artist features to his songs, James Blake delivers once again to all rap and downtempo music lovers alike with “Mile High.” The soothing sounds of the track provide the perfect melody to unwind to after a long day of scrambling from one class to the next. I mean, it felt like just yesterday when we were laughing carelessly through syllabus week, but oh, how times have quickly changed! Luckily, you can always count on James Blake’s music for serenity and peace amidst the tumultuous everyday life of a UC Berkeley student.

“Got Muscle” by GoldLink (ft. Peewee Longway and Wave IQ)

GoldLink starts the year off with a new single featuring Peewee Longway and Wave IQ, which promises the intrinsic groove and funky rhythms that fans love him for. The calmness of GoldLink’s rap deviates from most of the abrasive rap music at the current moment — which makes it a great tune for when you’re studying or doing homework. Maybe you’ll even hit play when you’re quite figuratively trying to get muscle at the RSF.

“Crushed Up” by Future

Quite the fan of Raf Simon’s Calvin Klein 205W39NYC collection featuring tons of Cal couture, Future has been snapped proudly wearing the university logo like a true Golden Bear. To pay our respects, it’s only right that we give our honorary bear’s latest album, “The WIZRD,” a listen. “Crushed Up” stands out among the album’s twenty songs as a catchy hit — don’t be surprised when you hear this across radio stations or at your local frat party.

Although 2019 just started, all of the music streaming platforms are already teeming with tons of instant hits for you to check out. If you’re tired of listening to the same old slew of songs on repeat, spice up your playlist with one of these songs that are worthy of a listen.

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