Goodbye fall, hello spring: What we’ll miss and what we’re looking forward to this semester

Karen Chow/File

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and students are slowly repopulating Berkeley — spring is in the air. While there are many things we’ll miss about the fall semester, there’s also a lot to look forward to with the arrival of spring. Here are some things the Clog is sad to see go from fall, along with the best things to look forward to this spring semester.

Goodbye sweater weather, hello spring sunshine!

After heavy rains throughout the Bay Area, the worst of the wet season is most likely behind us, meaning we’ll be able to hang up our jackets and break out the flip-flops. Even though the chilly temperatures of November were ideal for holiday drinks and cuddling, nothing beats relaxing on Memorial Glade in shorts on a warm March afternoon.

Goodbye game days, hello Cal Day!

Although it was hard to say farewell to our beloved days of partying all day long in the name of the Golden Bears, the spring grants us one golden opportunity to renew the dayger and celebrate. With Cal Day and the infamous 4/20 holiday to look forward to, spring semester is sure to make for a grand ol’ time.

Goodbye midterm elections, hello ASUC elections!

The buzz about a blue wave on a national level generated much excitement among the politically minded students of UC Berkeley last November, but nothing even compares to the utter chaos induced by the onset of ASUC campaign season. We can’t wait to watch the pure entertainment that is campaigners on Sproul fighting for every last scrap of attention.

Goodbye lanyard-wearing freshman, hello lanyard-wearing spring admits!

In the fall, every nonfreshman student feels a combination of superiority and sympathy when encountering an individual who is so obviously a newbie to campus. By the spring, most freshmen have figured out how to minimize the attention they draw to themselves, but the spring brings a new species to campus to gawk at — the admits. With their drawstring backpacks and expressions of innocence plastered on their faces as they sit in classes, we can’t wait to feel the satisfaction of knowing what’s in store for these poor high school students should they choose to come here.

Goodbye stressful problem sets, essays, midterms and finals, hello stressful problem sets, essays, midterms and finals!

Because some things never change.

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