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Hey, bud! What do your headphones say about you?

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FEBRUARY 04, 2019

There have been many rising memes relating to headphones recently, more specifically, the famous AirPods. Are AirPod users pretentious? Are those who use nonwireless headphones stuck in the past? What are people thinking when you whip out your headphones from your backpack or pocket?  We, at the Clog, are here to tell you what your headphones says about you!


If you’re an AirPods user, you’re most likely hated by 99% of the population. You, my friend, are part of the 1%. People envy you as you strut down Sproul Plaza with your hair perfectly positioned to accentuate your AirPods. But sometimes you get caught up in your fame and begin to “not hear” those who use nonwireless headphones. Stay humble.

Beats wireless earphones

Somehow you always end up hopping onto trends before they even become trends! Psychic much? However, no one appreciates your discoveries — it’s okay, we appreciate you. You uncovered the glory of wireless headphones before the introduction of AirPods, and for that we give you a round of applause. You have a close-knit group of friends that share the same interests as you, which happens to be your love for non-Apple products.  

Beat wireless headphones

If you’re a user of Beat Solos, there is a high possibility you will become a DJ. The long hours with your comfy headphones wrapped around your head while listening to loud music is just training for your DJ’ing future. We can’t wait to hear you on SoundCloud!

Wire earphones

Those who use nonwireless earphones are strong-willed individuals. You don’t let trends influence you. You stick with what you’re comfortable with, and that’s totally okay. But sometimes you feel like an outsider especially when you go to the RSF and your earphones get tangled in the equipment. You might get uncomfortable when everyone looks at you, wondering why you haven’t switch to wireless yet. Stay strong — wired earphones are cool too.   

Disposable headphones  

You know exactly what I’m talking about. The infamous headphones that we used to have in the computer lab in elementary and middle school seem ancient, and the people who use these headphones are even more ancient than the actual headphones. They’re most likely grumpy all the time.  

No headphones

If you don’t use headphones and blast your music aloud, you’re  most likely obnoxious. You’re extremely talkative and gossiping is your favorite activity. You just love to share your life with the world.

Now you know what people think about you when you walk through campus with your headphones. But just remember, your headphones don’t define you… or do they? 

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FEBRUARY 04, 2019