Which spring semester weather forecast are you?

Rain, thunderstorm, sun, and umbrellas
Chi Park/Staff

With spring semester comes a lot of days of shifting weather. Sometimes, we can relate to the pouring rain, and sometimes, we wish we were the fluffy white clouds on a clear day. It can’t be denied that the weather affects us. It may even be that different UC Berkeley students embody the overall ~vibes~ given off during different climate patterns. Do any of these descriptions remind you of someone?

Rainy days

If you remind someone of rainy days, you tend to be very loved or very avoided. People know how they feel about you, and they are set on it. You are someone that can appreciate multiple perspectives, and you don’t find difficulty in adapting and getting back on your feet after a hard day. You also tend to be a homebody and don’t show your feelings to others, but when you do, it can be a lot for whoever has to listen.

Hot days

Sometimes people won’t recognize your value until you’re out of their lives for a while, if you remind them of hot days. As for Berkeley, a lot of students are used to cool weather, so whenever a random hot day sneaks into the week, it can throw some people off, just like some of the jokes you type into your friends’ group chat. A lot of people really do appreciate your energy; they just won’t tell you directly.

Cool days with the sun out

If you remind someone of this kind of weather, you are someone who can appeal to most people without trying. Some people are drawn to the cool way you carry yourself, while others may be drawn to your warmth and charisma. A lot of times, you find yourself wanting to be left alone by noon, and you find yourself buried in Main Stacks, much like the way the clouds can sometimes shield the sun in the afternoon after a morning of the best of both worlds.

Overcast days

These days are frequent in the spring, but they aren’t as frequent as your visits to Moffitt. If you remind someone of overcast days, you are very focused, and it seems like there’s always some large worry floating over your head. You’re generally a quiet person, and you don’t prefer surprises (good or bad). Your first impression to others may paint you as a somewhat blasé person, but a true friend will always find something extraordinary about you.

Windy days

Windy days can be nice if you are prepared, but much like a friend with a lot of gossip, they can be overwhelming at times. If you embody windy days, you may generally tend to be restless and have no trouble projecting your voice in group presentations. You also have a very go-getter attitude, but sometimes you can be stubborn, and people around you might get annoyed.

There are probably a few types of weather we haven’t mentioned since every day has its own surprises, but maybe you could see either some of yourself or your friends in these descriptions.

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