Here’s a pizza our heart: A love letter to pizza for National Pizza Day

A pizza surrounded by tomatoes, onions, and sausages
Alexander Hong/Staff

There’s one food as synonymous with college as instant ramen. That food is, of course, pizza. February 9th is National Pizza Day, so let’s remember why it’s such a beloved food with this love letter to our ride or die, pizza:

Dear Pizza,

There’s a simple reason for why you’re an iconic college food. You’re perfect for a study session going long into the night. Not only are you customizable, but you can also be delivered. These days, there are apps to get many types of food but you’ve been delivered way before smartphones — and that should be appreciated. 

You can have so many different things on you, that you’re more of a category than a single type of food. Whether we want pineapple or pepperoni, it’s still you. With so many options for toppings and sauces, we can really make you however we want. 

There’s something nice about consuming you, a quality that allows a person to eat slice after slice. Now, you’re not the healthiest food so this quality can be seen as a negative. However, when we’re hungry it can be like bliss. While we don’t let it take control over us, we do enjoy the simple pleasure of grabbing a slice. 

You’re also a food perfect for any relatively special occasion. You’re not something to be eaten everyday because if we did, we might get sick of you and that would be a shame. As a treat, on the other hand, you’re perfect. The simple joy of seeing you can be nice at any event or occasion. You don’t make a dent in our wallets and can keep things casual, things we want in a low-key affair. You may not be healthy, but that’s what vegetable plates are for.

So here’s to you, strange pie. Your simplicity allows you a myriad of forms. Whether New York style or Chicago deep dish, you remain delicious. If a person doesn’t want to cook, you’re there for them. By the slice or by the pie there’s never a bad amount. You’re a simple pleasure but not necessarily a guilty one. So, thank you for all the school events that you’ve made better and for all the nice evenings that we’ve spent together. It’s been a pleasure to eat you.


The Clog

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