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How to be an #influencer at UC Berkeley

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FEBRUARY 05, 2019

We have to admit, it seems like everyone’s an #influencer these days. So let us ask, what’s stopping you from becoming one too? If everyone’s doing it, you might as well do it too. (Because that’s how logic works, apparently.) But, how do you rack up the influence you need to become an #influencer, especially at a school like UC Berkeley where it takes true willpower to be influenced (except when it comes to succumbing to buying AirPods)? Luckily, we at the Clog have an answer.

Gather company swag from recruiter or networking events and post an Instagram photo (or two) of you with it

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Getting free stuff from someone else and advertising said free stuff you received on your social media is the mark of a true influencer. Whether it’s a pen from Google or a sticker from Apple (or even a flyer from UC Berkeley’s hottest new consulting club), if something was handed to you for free, it’s surely Insta-worthy. It’s bound to transform your feed into that of an influencer’s in no time — no matter how mundane or ugly the object. Don’t forget the hashtag #ad — because you’re a true influencer now, you don’t want the FCC coming after you! You can thank us later.

Buy company swag and post an Instagram photo (or two) of you with it 

No time to scavenge for free stuff like the busy UC Berkeley student you are at recruiter or networking events on campus? No problem! Because we know you probably spend plenty of time online shopping instead of doing your actual work (you wouldn’t be a true influencer if you didn’t), head over to your favorite company’s online shop and order away! Once said stuff arrives, pile on all of that gear, snap a pic and bombard your followers with #ads. You may lose a few followers in the process, but that’s the life of an influencer, so get used to it!


If you’re not recording yourself explaining to all three of your YouTube channel subscribers what you’re currently doing or what you just did but “couldn’t film because it would’ve been awkward” on your walk to discussion, then what are you doing? Pull out your iPhone, hold it in portrait mode and get to work! Time is money when you’re an influencer, and you have no time to waste. Bonus tip: if you’re feeling really self-conscious about vlogging in public, secure a room in Moffitt or in Haas’ library and record yourself talking to no one in there. Baby steps, people.

Get more followers

What’s an influencer without influence? Just a normal person, actually — but what’s the fun in that? (Answer: there is none.) To avoid the impending doom of normalcy and garner a wider range of influence, rack up those Instagram followers. Might we suggest the made-just-for-this Instagram feature that let’s you find anyone with “Cal” in their bio? Smash that “follow” button and hopefully you’ll receive a meager amount of “follow back” requests in return. No promises, but it’s surely worth a shot.

Work with other influencers

One of the best ways to grow your network and your #influence over others is to “collab” with other, more established influencers who already reach your target audience. Some of our favorite UC Berkeley influencers that we suggest reaching out to for a “collab” include Mr. UC Berkeley himself, Oski, as well as he-who-will-never-be-forgotten, Mr. Other UC Berkeley himself, former Chancellor Dirks. Oski is a big name, and Dirks misused public funds, so you should be able to reach a wide audience whatever route you decide.

There you have it — our tips for becoming the #influencer you’ve always wanted to be (for the past couple of years). Don’t forget to smash that like button and hit subscribe!

Chloe Lelchuk is the blog editor. Contact Chloe Lelchuk at [email protected].

FEBRUARY 05, 2019