Happy Pizza Lovers Month: The only love worth celebrating this February

Man walks into Bobby G's Pizzeria.
Joyce Cam/Staff

February is a month of love and acting like pink and red is a good combination of colors. For those of us who feel a little more sad and lonely during February, you’re in luck! Give a special thanks to Berkeley for officially marking the month of February as Pizza Lovers Month! With the second annual Pizza Lovers Month in full swing, we at the Clog want to let you know that pizza is, in fact, the most important thing February has for us now. Valentine’s Day? Sorry, never heard of it!

Pizza Lovers Month spans Feb. 1 to Feb. 28 and is dedicated to appreciating pizza for all it is while supporting some good eats. Not only is it just that, it also combines UC Berkeley’s favorite thing in the world: pizza and competition. You’ll get to rate Berkeley’s pizzas on a scale from one to five. Plus, to make it even more impossible to decide, this year, you’ll be rating their Impossible pizzas, which features Impossible meat. Calling all vegetarians and vegans — this is our time to shine!

Multiple pizzas on long table.

The top-notch pizzerias brave enough to participate in this battle:

  • Arinell Pizza — 2109 Shattuck Ave.
  • Barbarian Pizza Bar — 2012 Shattuck Ave.
  • Bobby G’s Pizzeria — 2072 University Ave.
  • Gather — 2200 Oxford St.
  • Jupiter — 2181 Shattuck Ave.
  • Lucia’s — 2016 Shattuck Ave.
  • Red Tomato Pizza House — 2017 University Ave.
  • Revival — 2102 Shattuck Ave.
  • Sliver — 2174 Shattuck Ave.
  • Western Pacific — 2284 Shattuck Ave.

Group of people stand before tables serving 8 whole pizzas.

Along with this rating scale, you can get something out of eating pizza all month long too. These 10 pizzerias are also part of the Pizza Lovers Crawl. Get a crawl card at any of these participating restaurants and start eating!

How it works:

  • 1 punch per pizza order, per visit
  • 2 punches per pizza and drink order, per visit
  • BONUS PUNCH! If you’re wearing something with pizza on it, at the time of your order, per visit

Once you get 16 punches, you can turn in your card to any of these participating pizza places to enter a raffle. This year’s prize is a night out in Downtown Berkeley for two!

Eating pizza and joining some fun competition? This truly sounds like a UC Berkeley student’s dream. Pizza is truly something all Berkeley residents can stand by. Happy Pizza Lovers Month! Eat up!

Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].