Predicting the hottest fashion trends at UC Berkeley for spring 2019

Person wears white Patagonia sweater. The picture only includes their upper chest and stops at their neck, only displaying the logo of the sweater.
Stephanie Li/Staff

UC Berkeley is known across the globe for its accolades in academia, but one thing that’s often overlooked is its inspiring sense of style. The students here will really catch your eye with their fashion and flare, proving that UC Berkeley’s not just a school filled with intelligence but also next level fashionistas. Here are five of the latest fashion trends spotted on campus to keep your spring 2019 semester as stylish as possible.

Gray Patagonia quarter zip

Skip introductions with the jacket that says it all. With just one glance, we’ll already know your entire name, what professional organization you belong to and possibly even your grade level. It’s understandable why these jackets have become all the rave. The selective application process of clubs gives successful candidates all the more reason to flaunt their admission through tangible means — such as a $50 piece of fleece.

Camouflage pants

You might not remember a night after drinking a can of Four Loko, one of the most popular college drinks imaginable. But, you’ll definitely have people remembering a pair of camouflage pants that resembles the likes of one. At an university with over 20,000 undergrads, it can be hard to leave a profound mark. Some alumni have been awarded Nobel Prizes, others have found a way to make a statement with bright pink, camouflage-printed cargo pants.

Tan fluffy jackets

If you haven’t seen one of these teddy bear-esque jackets around campus yet, you simply haven’t been attending your classes enough. Are we really surprised by this fashion choice? It’s the perfect homage to our beloved Golden Bear mascot, Oski. With game days as a thing of the past, these beige, fluffy textured jackets are the best way we know to pay our respects.

Adidas track pants

Do you have a job interview at 4 p.m. but an AFX dance practice at 7 p.m.? Don’t fret. Students here always find a way to sport their Adidas track pants during all hours of the day. Owning one is almost a rite of passage as a student here — we say almost because you first need to prove via a bank account statement that you’ve bought a boba drink everyday of the week.

White Yeezy Boost 350

It seems like ages ago when Yeezy Boosts were the coveted shoe of the year and you had to pay an arm and a leg just to touch one. For Kanye fans everywhere, regardless of how few may be left, you’re in luck. The once esteemed footwear isn’t all that challenging to buy nowadays, and the tons of students spotted wearing these blaring white sneakers is as any good of an indication. Nothing says “You just don’t understand Kanye’s vision” more than wearing a pair of these kicks.

Someone might have to make a call and get UC Berkeley its very own addition to New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. The eclectic tastes in fashion found across campus will truly make jaws drop. With UC Berkeley students, you’ll never know what to expect.

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