Spilling the beans: What your favorite coffee shop says about you

People sit at tables outside of a cafe while engaging in conversation. The sign of the cafe is pictured saying "cafe strada". Two women walk in.
Ketki Samel/File

We all know how challenging finding a seat at Moffitt can be. Going to the library to study shouldn’t end up being the fourth, never-released part of the “Hunger Games” franchise. That’s why cafes have emerged as a popular alternative to provide the prime ambience to study in minus all of the foolish mayhem. Here’s what your everyday coffee joint says about you — and it says a whole lot more than just your order.

Romeo’s Coffee

You’re bad and bougie, and the whole world knows it – or at least the people who walk by Romeo’s and have no choice but to peep through the cafe’s chic glass exterior. Nothing shouts “upper echelon” more than a breakfast comprised of avocado toast and a chai tea latte with oat milk. You don’t care that you just spent $15 on breakfast because everyday’s a treat yourself kind of day. Remember, don’t forget your AirPods when you’re planning your daily routine trip!

Caffè Strada

You’re a bit of a wild child —  sitting outside and feeling the breeze dance across your face while you begin cranking out the five page essay that you forgot to start over the weekend. Caffè Strada is practically neighbors with Greek Row, making it a go-to spot for any party lover during the school week. While you’d rather be dancing the night away every day, there are some days when catching up on school work takes precedence and here’s the place to do it all.


You like to stick with what you know. Haters may call you so 2000 and late, but you’ll prove them wrong. When they’re stuck and disappointed with their fancy-schmancy cappuccino from down the street, you’ll be  happily sipping a cup of coffee that you can depend on. Plus, did they even get reward points for their purchase? I don’t think so.

Free Speech Movement Cafe

You’ve been bit by the study bug. You frequently pull all nighters and FSM is the only cafe on this side of town that can give you the energy to do so. Its proximity to most buildings on campus makes it the perfect spot to set up camp throughout the day and well into the night. It’s become a lifestyle that you must uphold as you frantically scurry for a spot the instant it becomes available.

There you have it! You’ve heard of tarot card readings and horoscope predictions to judge your character, but add cafes to your list because where you spend most of your time studying isn’t just about coffee beans anymore — it’s the new status quo!

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