Black Girl Magic

Nishali Naik/File

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I see it in my sister’s face, when she smiles with that quiet grace

I see it when I’m with my friends, and their supply that never ends


I see it in a stranger’s stare, attempting to find out precisely where

It’s like they’re trying to figure out the source, of such a subtle and powerful force


I can almost hear their train of thought, wondering if it is something that can be bought


‘Maybe it’s the way she switches up her hair?’

No just perks that come with constant nurturing and care


‘Is it the way that her skin gleams?’

No that’s just the melanin that marks her as a queen


‘Or perhaps it’s just because she’s bold and daring?’

That comes from taking all the negative that she is told, yet remaining positive and caring


Asking, and asking, and asking for an an answer that won’t be found

Because there’s no exact answer; it all came with her crown


Don’t be discouraged, just appreciate and admire

The thing that will never, ever expire


To tell you the truth I’d be disappointed too, if I didn’t have it

It is a bit tragic that there is nothing quite like Black Girl Magic

DeáJiané McNair is a junior studying political science at UC Berkeley.