Tips and tricks for staying warm in chilly winter temperatures

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FEBRUARY 08, 2019

Let’s tell it like it is — Californians cannot handle the weather. While our fellow Americans in the Midwest face record-low temperatures, we Californians lose human functionality any time it dips below 60. And when faced with rain, or really any sky conditions besides mild clouds, we shut down completely. With weather forecasts predicting more chilly temperatures, we at the Clog felt compelled to share some insights on how our fellow warm-blooded Californians can brave the wintry 55-degree storms.

Burn your old notes
Thanks to those professors with “no devices” policies, we all have lots of old handwritten notes that we hoard even though we know we’re never going to use them again. In cold weather, these notes as well as other old paper materials (think midterms, syllabi, etc.) make for perfect kindling.

Layer your free clothing
Over the years, college students tend to accumulate lots of free T-shirts collected from sporting events, service projects and random club giveaways. They say that the best way to insulate your own body heat is to wear layers, and what better way than to wear all of your free T-shirts on top of each other.

Run a really long code
As any CS major could probably tell you, long (or bug-ridden) programs can send your computer into overdrive. Take advantage of your computer’s overheating and use it as a heated blanket to warm you up.

Walk around like Oski
We suspect the creepy bear is on to something — by adding a little skip in your step, you can get your blood pumping and elevate your body temperature. Throw on the yellow cardigan, and you’ll stay nice and toasty all day long.

Scale the Campanile
You know what they say — hot air rises, and what better way to seek out the hot air than ascending 307 feet to the top of the Campanile. And you’ll probably work up a sweat on the way up, too!

As much as we want to hibernate during this cold season, we Golden Bears need to stay tough and stay on that grind! We hope these tricks help you out — stay warm out there!

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FEBRUARY 08, 2019