Berkeley gang members convicted for fatal 2016 East Oakland shooting

Sophie Ho/File

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Four members of a local gang were convicted Wednesday for their participation in the fatal 2016 shooting of 24-year-old Anthony Stevens in East Oakland.

Stevens was shot July 9, 2016 on the 1400 block of 92nd Avenue at 10:36 a.m. and died at the scene, according to an East Bay Times article. Aoderi Samad, 25, was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder. Anthony Wilson, 27, and Tyrone Terrell Jr.  were convicted of second-degree murder and Derrick McFadden, 22, of voluntary manslaughter. Samad and McFadden are Berkeley residents and Terrell Jr. is originally from Berkeley.

The perpetrators are members of the Five Kingdom Mafia, a gang that operates in Berkeley and Oakland. The fatal 2016 shooting of Stevens took place around the corner from a street memorial for Wilson’s brother Roderick Tucker, who died after receiving multiple gunshot wounds the previous night.

During the nearly month-long trial, Wilson alleged that at the time of the crime, he had been asking nearby people for information regarding Tucker’s death, and had wanted to ask the same of Stevens, whom Wilson claimed the defendants didn’t know, according to an East Bay Times article. Wilson added that he then saw Stevens raise a gun toward him, causing him to pull his gun and shoot Stevens first.

Stevens had 24 rounds shot at him, two of which were “kill-shots,” as reported by the East Bay Times.

“Those two shots were taken to make sure that Stevens wasn’t going to get up,” deputy district attorney Stacie Pettigrew said in her closing arguments, according to the East Bay Times.

Samad currently faces 25 years to life in prison, Wilson and Terrell Jr. at least 15 years and McFadden up to around 11 years in prison. In addition, Wilson, Terrell Jr. and Samad were found guilty of possession of a firearm. The perpetrators are scheduled to be sentenced April 19.

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