Nonromantic romantic things you can do with your friends for Singles Awareness Day

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FEBRUARY 12, 2019

The day after Valentine’s Day is dedicated to all the single people out there. Singles Awareness Day is dedicated to all of the single people who might’ve felt lonely after a holiday that celebrates romance. If you felt like you missed out on some romantic activities, fear not. It’s not too late to do some romantic activities with your friends instead. Here are some romantic things you can do nonromantically with your friends!

Watch a movie

Movies can be a great way to have a good time with someone. That person doesn’t have to be a romantic partner, however. So get some friends together and have a fun time talking about a good (or bad) movie. Snacks and good company make an evening great, even if that company is your single friends.

Have a nice dinner

Dinner dates are a classic Valentine’s Day activity. Just because you don’t have a romantic partner doesn’t mean you can’t eat somewhere nice. Get some friends to split the bill with and have a fun time. It’s an excuse to try out a new place and eat some good food.

Get each other chocolates

After Valentine’s Day, most chocolate becomes very cheap. So why not band together with your friends and buy each other the chocolate you didn’t get on the 14th. It can be a nice reminder that you have someone who cares about you, even if they aren’t romantically interested.

Look at some flowers

Flowers don’t have to be enjoyed in just a romantic setting. Sometimes, they can just be pretty. So, if you feel sad that you didn’t get any flowers on Valentine’s Day, why not go find some flowers. Take some friends along and enjoy a day filled with flowers.

Watch the sunset

A pair watching the sunset arm-in-arm is a romantic scene. With a bunch of friends, it seems like a nice way to end the day. With the Golden Gate Bridge to the west, the sun will put the bridge in silhouette. It’s a view you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. So go somewhere up the hill and see this unique view with some friends. Maybe it will help remind you that you aren’t alone after all. 

Valentine’s Day can suck when you’re single. But, not being in a relationship shouldn’t get you down. Just because you aren’t dating somebody doesn’t mean you’re alone. If you crave some of those romantic activities, who’s to say you can’t do them with some platonic friends. Enjoy Singles Awareness Day and enjoy being single.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2019