Tell us some random opinions and find out which US president you really are

The White House Archives/Courtesy

Presidents’ Day is right around the corner and we at the Clog couldn’t be more excited. We’ll admit most of this excitement is for the three-day weekend. But also, to a lesser degree, to celebrate the executive branch of the United States and the chief executives that have fearlessly led the office. So, tell us your opinions on some seemingly random topics to find out which of the last four presidents you are. Choose wisely and happy Presidents’ Day weekend, Bears!

  1. What fun fact would you want to whip out at your high school reunion for a classic humblebrag?
    1. You have two Grammys
    2. You’ve read every “Harry Potter” book
    3. Your wedding cake is the second most expensive cake of all time only second to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s
    4. Your high school friends know your greatest #flex because they witnessed it: you were head cheerleader in high school
  2. Which middle name do you think suits you best?
    1. Jefferson (it’s almost like you were destined to be president)
    2. Hussein
    3. John
    4. Walker
  3. Pick your next vacation destination:
    1. Hope, Arkansas
    2. Honolulu, Hawaii
    3. New York, New York
    4. New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Your framed diploma in the Oval Office is from …?
    1. Yale Law School
    2. Harvard Law School
    3. Wharton School of Business
    4. Harvard Business School
  5. You just got a new puppy … what are you going to name it?
    1. Buddy
    2. Sunny
    3. Ew… I don’t do pets.
    4. Miss Beazley
  6. What are you about to Postmates right now?
    1. Chicken enchiladas
    2. Honest Tea: Black Forest Berry
    3. Two Big Macs, Two Fish Fillets and a Chocolate Malt
    4. Huevos Rancheros
    1. The 42nd President: Bill Clinton

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    2. The 44th President: Barack Obama

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    3. The 45th President: Donald Trump

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    4. The 43rd President: George W. Bush

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