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What your Valentine's Day will be like based on your favorite Valentine's Day candy

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FEBRUARY 12, 2019

For many of us as kids, Valentine’s Day was an opportunity for us to declare our love to our crush and get candy in case things didn’t go well. For some UC Berkeley students, it’s a topic preferred to be shoved under the rug and, in the best case, completely unacknowledged. One of the greatest things about Valentine’s Day is the candy. It’s like pre-Halloween. Here’s what your favorite Valentine’s Day candy predicts about how your Valentine’s Day will go today.

Candy hearts

If you prefer candy hearts as a treat for Valentine’s Day, then you’re a low-key person and treat Valentine’s Day like any other day of the year. You also tend to have trouble controlling your sweet tooth. Every time you eat candy, you can’t help but immediately regret it afterward. Your Valentine’s Day may seem lackluster, but it’s what you make of it. Don’t let the candy heart haters get to you.

Fun Dip

If your favorite candy is Fun Dip, you’ll have a great Valentine’s Day with friends. You love their company, and it’s easy to forget that you’re single when you’re around them. You’ll likely joke around about being single and the effects of your “Berkeley goggles” with your friends. Hey, it makes coping easier for you. Your Valentine’s Day will be filled with sarcasm and laughter, so it’s hard to immediately dismiss it as a national holiday.


If lollipops are your go-to, then you might unintentionally completely forget about Valentine’s Day (until someone mentions their SO gave them flowers outside of their 8 a.m. class). You’re the kind of person who enjoys the journey rather than the destination. You live through other people’s happiness on Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t make you insecure. You have mastered self-love and no one can take that away from you.

Pink and white Nerds

If you like your Nerds on Valentine’s Day, you’re generally a pensive person and prefer to spend Valentine’s Day thinking about life in your apartment or in the library. On the flip side, you also love going out with friends (when you’re invited). You will secretly hope to be invited to a Valentine’s Day kickback or a Valentine’s Day Singles Night. If you aren’t invited, though, it’s no big deal. The UC Berkeley Confessions page is probably poppin’.

Chocolate from a heart-shaped box

Chocolate from a heart-shaped box is a go-to for a romantic, no doubt. Your Valentine’s Day will be filled with loving affirmations and a rosy outlook. You’ll probably spend the day telling your friends how much you appreciate them and potentially plan to meet up with your homies from last semester. For you, Valentine’s Day is a chance for your social life to experience a sort of “rebirth.”  

Chocolate-covered strawberries

If your favorite treat for Valentine’s Day is chocolate-covered strawberries, then you’ll have a great Valentines Day, boo or no boo. You’ll come back from a day of classes and chow down some homemade spaghetti dinner with a side of chocolate-covered strawberries you prepared the night before. While your roommates are out, you’ll watch your favorite Disney Princess movie and sing along to every song.

Cake pops 

Much like the people who love lollipops, you tend to resort to love when it presents itself as convenient. Unlike people who prefer lollipops, however, there are layers to your love and expression of emotions, so there’s a chance you will fluctuate between loving and hating Valentine’s Day throughout the holiday. In general, don’t expect anything super out of the ordinary this Valentine’s Day. If anything, you might discover something about yourself.

Who knew our sweet preferences said so much about us? If you don’t have a significant other to love, consider loving your textbooks, because midterms are coming up!

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FEBRUARY 13, 2019