I love you berry much! Six money-saving gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

A close up of a heart ornament in a store.
Jessica Schwabach/Staff

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you know what that means … Your wallet will be weeping from all the money you’ll be spending on your significant other! But it can be different this year. Save your wallet and try out these cheap and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts! Although it might not be a diamond ring or AirPods, homemade goodies show that you really care for them because you went the extra mile to personalize their gift.  

Picture frame

A personalized picture frame is a great gift to give to your significant other. You can purchase a picture frame from Walmart or Daiso for less than five dollars. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even decorate the border of the frame with hearts or things that you guys like to do together! Print out a picture of you two together and write a cute message on the back of the frame expressing how much you love and appreciate them. Thoughtful and cute! What more can they ask for?

Goody basket

You can never go wrong with a goody basket. Get a few main items for the goody basket like fuzzy socks, a thermos and/or a space heater to keep them warm during the freezing days of winter when you’re not around to cuddle. You can add their favorite snacks to make the basket fuller. Sticking a little handwritten letter expressing your love and gratitude for them is never a bad idea either.  

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Many love chocolate-covered strawberries but they are quite expensive. A way to save money this Valentine’s Day is to make them yourself! Go to your local grocery store and purchase a basket of strawberries, six ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and three ounces of white chocolate. In separate bowls, melt the chocolates in the microwave for about two minutes, taking them out each minute to stir. Dip the strawberries in the melted semi-sweet chocolate and then drizzle the white chocolate over them with a fork to create an aesthetic design. After you’ve finished, leave the chocolate-covered strawberries on parchment paper for about 30 minutes and you’re done! This will cost you about $10-15 to make. Although they might not look as good as store-bought ones, they will taste better because they were made with love. 

A fancy dinner at home

A homemade dinner, wine and a lit candle is always romantic. It creates an intimate setting where you and your significant other can talk and enjoy each others’ company without the distraction of others. And it saves a lot of money. You can make pasta or roasted salmon with potatoes and veggies. Both of these dishes are extremely easy to make and it’s equally delicious as a meal out. #husbandmaterial #wifeymaterial #putaringonit

A day trip to the city

Exploring the city with your significant other is always a fun way to spend your day. Kill two birds with one stone by experiencing the beauty of San Francisco and making unforgettable memories. If you plan accordingly, you can end your day in the city by looking out into the sunset with a view of the city.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We hope you’ll be able to save your wallet this year with some of these thoughtful and money-saving gift ideas. If the DIY gifts don’t turn out as well as you thought they would, don’t worry! It’s the thought that counts.

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