A comprehensive list of things students would rather do than step on the seal

A long exposure photo of a person walking over one of the UC Berkeley seals on the cement by Memorial Glade.
Ciecie Chen /File

Each day, every single student at UC Berkeley abides by the same rule. It seems natural to think that this implicitly understood law would be showing up to lecture, but embarrassingly enough, it’s the avoidance of stepping on the seals placed throughout the campus. Rumor has it that if you place your foot on these sacred pieces, you’ll fail your class(es). Here’s a complete list of all the things that your superstitious peers would rather do than step on the seal.

  • Frantically swerving to avoid touching the precious metal of the seal – which only makes your route to class longer and looks a lot more foolish because in what other scenario would you walk in a curvature?
  • Taking 20 units a semester for no good reason other than the fact that you’re allowed to
  • Enduring a syllabus week full of ~fun~ icebreakers during your discussion sections
  • Walking alone at night right after the reporting of a Nixle alert in the same area
  • Making it to Game Day but never actually making it to the game
  • Waiting in hour-long lines just for a free cup of coffee (ahem, Strada)
  • Breaking your budget and diet for boba
  • Eating whatever consists of the imitation “meat” that is served at Cafe 3
  • Scheduling 8 a.m.s for yourself even though you know you’ll never go … or if you do, you’ll be too groggy to remember anything
  • Consistently making the mistake of walking through Sproul Plaza and coming out with five flyers of no interest to you
  • Taking a handle pull of *water* for what we all know is more than seven seconds
  • Showing up to every class exactly at Berkeley time and having to awkwardly scoot across an entire aisle for an open middle seat
  • Pulling an all-nighter at Moffitt and sleeping in the nap pods on the fifth floor (they definitely clean those, right?)
  • Wearing a tube top and mini skirt on your way to a party in the midst of winter
  • Spending way more time on Facebook than the amount of time you devote to studying for all of your classes combined
  • Telling all your friends you’re going to have a “chill” weekend, but then proceeding to go out three nights in a row (old habits really do die hard)
  • Submitting your essay at 11:59 p.m., only for bCourses and/or AirBears to crash (*cue the apology letter to your GSI*)
  • Attempting to find “the love of your life” on Tinder or Bumble
  • Postmating from a restaurant that’s literally a block away from your house — without a free delivery code
  • Staying up past midnight the day of your midterm exam because getting a good night’s sleep is apparently overrated these days
  • Most importantly, studying at the last minute and blaming it all on the seal

At a school as tough and trying as UC Berkeley, it seems second nature to want to ensure that nothing gets in your way of having a smooth semester. So, wear your lucky socks, use your favorite pencil and avoid stepping on the seal like your life depends on it.

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