Quiz: What major are you most compatible with?

Nicole White/File

We’ll be honest, finding love in college is rough — even rougher than back-to-back midterms. Not only are there so many fish in the sea, but there are so many different kinds of fish in the sea. We want to help you narrow down your search to see where the love of your life is hiding. Maybe they’re hiding in Dwinelle, Evans or Pimentel.

  1. Where do you have most of your classes?
    1. Wheeler, Dwinelle and Evans … you know, all the hot spots on campus where the cuties hide.
    2. Cory, Soda and Pimentel … I’m not just beauty — I’m brains, too!
    3. Only in Haas … snakes need love, too?
    4. RSF … #gainz will always be my first love.
  2. How much do you care about your appearance?
    1. I always come to school in my best fits. You never know when you need to make the right first impression.
    2. I wake up five minutes before class starts; it’s safe to say I don’t really care.
    3. I like to keep it casual — it lets people know I’m chill.
    4. I stay in bed all day so no one ever sees me.
  3. How do you prioritize the following things?
    1. Friends, love, school
    2. Love, school, friends
    3. I only care about myself
    4. School … just school
  4. What’s your favorite romantic comedy?
    1. “500 Days of Summer”
    2. “Set It Up”
    3. “Love Actually”
    4. “Valentine’s Day”
  5. Which building on campus is the most romantic?
    1. Evans Hall — it’s just so warm and cozy.
    2. Dwinelle Hall — it’s the heart of campus, right?
    3. LeConte Hall — you get the perfect view of the Campanile at night!
    4. Chou Hall — it’s sleek and sexy.
  6. Which UC Berkeley icon is the greatest sex symbol?
    1. The Campanile
    2. Oski
    3. The squirrels
    4. Moffitt Floor 1
    1. Haas — You’re looking for something serious. You’re all about business, but that doesn’t stop you from hitting parties all weekend long. You work hard but play harder.
    2. EECS — You have a unique way of looking at the world. You could really care less about what other people think. Although you might put school at the forefront of your love life, you always make sure to make some time to spend with the people you hold dear to your heart.
    3. Political science — You’re passionate and let your emotions get the best of you sometimes. Even though you mainly debate rather than converse with people, you’re still a joy to be around. People want to rip their hair out when around you, but they can’t deny your brains.
    4. Undeclared — You are so indecisive with every decision you make! You can’t decide who you’re in love with, so you fall in love with someone new every week. But maybe, just maybe, someone will decide to fall in love with you the same week you’re in love with them.

Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact her at [email protected] .