3-day weekend: What we say we’ll do versus what we actually do

An illustration of a bear sitting at a messy desk in a messy room filled with clothes and empty food containers.
Sharon Pan /File

Even though it feels like school literally just started and we’re in complete denial about the fact that it’s already week four, we have one thing to look forward to as the semester quickly rolls on: a long weekend. The approaching three-day weekend offers so much to look forward to, from going home to sleeping in to catching up on some school work. But many of us may have bigger ambitions for the three-day weekend than what we’ll actually fulfill. Here are a few things we often say we’re going to do with our brief holiday, along with all of the things most of us actually end up doing.

Expectation: Going home to hang out with your parents

Reality: The idea of going home always sounds relaxing, but laziness often gets in the way. Instead of going through the trouble of booking a flight and traveling back home, the only interaction you end up having with your family is when they FaceTime you at 10 a.m. on Saturday to ask why you slept in so late.

Expectation: Going on a trip with friends

Reality: While friends often make grand plans to get out of Berkeley over the long weekend, one thing or another usually prevents these dreams from becoming reality. Either someone forgot to book the AirBnb or someone else decided that they actually didn’t feel comfortable taking their car, and so instead of a fun weekend getaway, you all just hang out at home instead.

Expectation: You’ll start a new series on Netflix

Reality: Odds are, you’ll end up binge-watching the same episodes of “New Girl” or “Black Mirror” that you’ve already seen 10 times, because the effort to commit to something new is simply exhausting.

Expectation: You’ll catch up on all of your school work

Reality: Even if you just open your reader you should consider yourself accomplished, because let’s be real, we all know that our plans to get a head start on that project or catch up on those readings are just lies. Catching up on school work pretty much comes in last in terms of things we actually spend time doing over the three-day weekend, after watching TV and aimlessly trolling the internet.

We at the Clog challenge all of our readers to get out there and actually do some of the things we all say we’re going to do with our valuable extra day off from the chaos that is school. Whether you use the weekend to escape the Berkeley rain or finally just catch up on some sleep, we hope everyone has a safe, happy President’s Day!

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