Do’s and don’ts of personal injury in Georgia

During an accident, it can be difficult for you to remain calm. By familiarizing yourself with these Georgia personal injury do’s and don’ts, you can lessen your stress. You also improve your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. Find out what you should do and what you should avoid doing during and after an accident in Georgia.

What should you do?

When an accident occurs, you should put your health first. If you need medical attention, call for it immediately. But you should also do all of the following:

1. Contact a lawyer.

Your best chance of receiving compensation is to contact one of the personal injury lawyers in Atlanta. The sooner you reach out to an attorney, the sooner they can help you.

2. Get information from witnesses.

If you don’t collect the names and contact information for witnesses, you have no one to back up your story. Write down the names, phone numbers and addresses of all the witnesses.

3. Get documentation.

With documentation, you can prove that personal injury did indeed occur. Documentation can come in the form of a police report, photographs or video footage of the accident site. The more documentation you get, the better your chances of success.

4. Report your pain.

Typically, first responders on the scene will ask you if you have any pain. No matter how minor the pain might be, you should be honest about it. Sometimes, the adrenaline prevents you from feeling the full force of the pain, but it’s important to let the authorities know about it. Additionally, it’s crucial to get medical help as soon as possible.

5. Call friends or family.

If possible, call a friend or family member, and ask them to come to the scene. In addition to giving you a helping hand, they can also serve as a witness. The more witnesses and documentation you have, the greater your chance of a successful lawsuit.

What shouldn’t you do?

Just as there are certain things you can do to improve your chances of receiving compensation, there are things you shouldn’t do. Avoid doing all of the following:

1. Delaying a call to the police.

If someone tries to talk you out of calling the police, stand your ground. It’s important to have authorities on the scene of the accident.

2. Don’t give insurance adjusters recorded statements.

An insurance adjuster can use your recorded statement against you. Before you speak with them, talk to someone who has knowledge of personal injury law in Atlanta. They can advise you on your next steps.

3. Don’t sign anything without a lawyer.

Be wary of signing releases or checks. Before you sign any papers, consult with a lawyer. They can ensure that you aren’t missing out on a fair settlement.

4. Don’t wait to file.

In Georgia, there is a statute of limitations on personal injury cases. Be sure to file within the time limit.

5. Don’t discuss your case with others.

If your personal injury case goes to court, you could be under scrutiny. Anything you say to others about your case can be used against you. For this reason, you should avoid discussing your case. If you feel the need to discuss it, leave out the details of the incident. Avoid saying something that can hurt your case.

To improve your chances of success, contact the legal specialist. They can advise you on what you should and shouldn’t do. Furthermore, they can represent you in court and seek compensation for your injuries.

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