Editors’ Note: Feb. 15

This week's issue: 'Love and it's making'

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

We love the idea of love so much, we celebrate an entire day in its honor. In this week’s issue, Valentine’s Day inspired Weekender writers to reflect on various forms of love, romance and sexuality, from groundbreaking research to poetic proclamations.

Inspired by the film’s 10th anniversary, staff writer Emmanuel Ronquillo wrote an out-of-the-box commentary that unpacks the various ways in which “(500) Days of Summer” challenges the rom-com genre and the manic pixie dream girl trope. Staff writer Nelly Lin interviewed three UC Berkeley students in very different stages of their romantic lives, illuminating some of the similarities and differences in the way that each interviewee construes “love.” Expanding one traditional definition of love as solely equivalent to romance, staff writer Lillian Avedian celebrates the friendships in her life that uplift, transform and render sublime the vicissitudes of life.

Diving into the world of research, staff writer Layla Chamberlin interviewed professor Juana María Rodríguez on her archival research into the history of sex work and how it might speak to current legislation surrounding online censorship of nude images.

In a personal essay, staff writer Frida Schaefer Bastian professes her undying love for romantic comedies while simultaneously confronting the irony of how she shies away from romance in real life. Staff writer and illustrator Olivia Staser deals in multiple mediums by pairing a heart-wrenching comic with a poem on heartbreak. To close out the issue, staff writer Hari Srinivasan’s poem ruminates on the necessity of love in our universe.

So there you have it — our own multifaceted imagining of love and all that the word entails. It is rose-tinted, adoring, critical and questioning; one might even call it lovely.

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