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Olivia Staser/Staff

Olivia Staser/Staff

I can feel the pain
Dripping through slats of novocaine
Running down my shallow hips
Cutting through the arcs and dips
Gliding bloody over skin
Through the muscle and the bone within

And it should be salty
but it tastes sweet
Stay a while, take a seat
Let me taste your tongue and lips
Take your hand, trace my hips
Now lie to me and softly say
All i want is you to stay
And in my heart the words are blades
And on the surface the glitter fades
And i just want to sink my teeth in
This is the first time that I’ve felt your skin
So close to mine, i can feel your heat
Meld into mine, a lovers’ defeat

And this tastes so sweet
It tastes like sin
Like sweat and desperation
Like panic and skin
And in a flash it’s gone
And im gone too
And it’s really all that i can do
So look at my reflection and
Pick apart my skin
Tear apart the lips and teeth
That so willingly let you in

And thankfully all my vices
Have trained me to be cold
And the fire that you started
Has faded down tenfold
And im lying saying i dont care
That i dont think it isnt fair
That for a moment someone touched me
And i didnt hate myself
But the thing is all this romancing
Is detrimental to my health

Because all mouths taste the same
The romance novels tell you lies
And no matter the reflection that you see
Inside your lovers eyes
You are you, and I am me
None of that can change
And the feelings now inside of you
Can twist and rearrange
The viscera twined inside your gut
To slowly seep and die
For a love that you said wasn’t real
So you wouldn’t have to cry

And i don’t know the truth
I don’t know if it was real
If he ever even loved me
Or loved an imagined ideal
But i have trained my heart to hurt
Split skin and calloused bone
Honed my self security
And made emptiness my home
Because he is there and I am here
And my pain has shifted back
From a hunger for invading tongues
To the familiar anxiety attack
And that I can embrace and say
“Dear friend we meet again,
Loving is for the foolish
And fighting for the damned.”

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