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All the times Caffè Strada has been there for us

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FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Caffè Strada just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary a couple weeks ago, and considering the entire community’s fondness for this incredibly established establishment, we here at the Daily Clog are taking this opportunity to celebrate the many times Caffè Strada has been there for us.

As an awkward meeting location for your GSI’s office hours

Meeting with your GSI at Strada has always felt a little bit dirty. Are we meeting to discuss course material or grab coffee together? Does your GSI not have an office or are they choosing not to use it? Those questions haunt you as you uncomfortably search the sea of tables for your GSI.

To make you late for section

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into section seven minutes late with a Strada coffee in tow. It’s essential everyone in your class knows that you chose a stop at Strada over discussing a reading that no one actually read.

As a neutral location for a Tinder date

Strada is the ideal location for a Tinder date. It has it all: broad daylight, many exits and a multitude of people you know walking by to make sure you won’t get murdered.

For an uncomfortable coffee chat with a fellow club member

The beautiful outdoor seating at Strada is the only thing that could make sitting across from someone you barely know and having a choppy conversation with them in which you both have to pretend to care about the mundanities of each other’s lives tolerable.

Where your laptop got stolen

It was at Caffè Strada that your laptop and seemingly every other UC Berkeley student’s laptop got stolen. Despite losing the one thing that matters to you, you did get a break from doing homework.

For a club interview

Spoiler alert! You didn’t get in, but nonetheless, it was at good ol’, faithful Strada that you hunted for your interviewer for roughly thirteen minutes and then gave an unmemorable interview which you “felt really good about” afterward.

Thank you, Caffè Strada, for always being there for us in our times of need.


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FEBRUARY 18, 2019