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Rain, Rain, (Don’t) Go Away: Best things about life in the rain

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FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Fine, we’ll say it, rain is inconvenient. For the first time in your life, you didn’t snooze your alarm, and you went to your 8 a.m. — and you know what you get? Soaking wet, that’s what! Soaking wet with a side of aggravated and irritated to start off your day. But we here at the Clog consider ourselves optimists, glass-half-full-type humans. So, we looked on the bright side (maybe the wrong choice of words … cloudy side?) to see all of the positive things we could find about life in the rain!

  1. The grass is greener on the other side (of the downpour). And when campus is greener, campus is prettier, and well, now is the time of year potential Bears come in swaths for campus visits to decide between Cal and UCLA — we’re just saying.
  1. It gives you the perfect chance to have faith in humanity by leaving your umbrella in the hall of Wheeler while you go to class. Hopefully, you have a lot of faith, Godspeed.
  1. It’s good for the environment and necessary for life on Earth! You can’t really argue around the importance of this one unless you’re proposing life on Mars … because if so, we are not, not down!
  1. You have the perfect chance to wear your rain attire! Just an FYI for all the Southern California novices out there: It has been brought to our attention that there is apparently a difference between rain boots and snow boots. Save yourself from being roasted before it’s too late.
  1. Swipe your “I can’t come out card — I don’t want to catch a cold” tonight when your friends try to drag you out of the house. Can they really blame you for trying to avoid being the annoying chronic sniffler that everyone hates in class?
  1. You will probably be more productive, and it is midterm season after all. Sure, that’s because you don’t really want to be outside, but let’s not sweat over the small details.
  1. For all of you dramatic Bears out there (yes, you!), kissing in the rain “The Notebook”-style becomes a real possibility. On a more practical note, be sure to at least wear your jacket so you don’t catch a cold!
  1. Cue the music because the sun’ll come out tomorrow, and then just maybe, we’ll get to see a rainbow, and who doesn’t love a good rainbow? A cynic, that’s who!

So, turn that frown upside down, Bears, and learn to dance in the rain, because according to the weather forecasts we’re stuck with her!

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FEBRUARY 20, 2019