Other majors you should consider now that you’ve been rejected from Haas

Mikaela Raphael/File

Getting rejected is never fun, especially when it causes you to not be able to live up to your Slytherin status. No need to worry though, there are plenty of other career options and majors that give you the freedom to express your inner snake.


If you weren’t able to satiate your competitive nature with an admission into Haas, consider channeling that energy into the pre-med scene. Of course, it is generally not true that every MCB major is automatically inducted into the pre-med grind, but a large number of MCB majors will gladly tell you otherwise. Being an MCB major will allow you to acknowledge your hidden passion for discovery and the life sciences. If the rush of being a co-author on a groundbreaking research paper isn’t enough, then consider the chance of taking a class with Professor Doudna.


This plan is foolproof. GPA cutoff ain’t got nothing on you. Just use your networking skills to finesse extra time during office hours in 61A. Coding is hot right now, and who wouldn’t want to take a coding class at Berkeley just for the clout? If you got rejected from Haas, consider joining your computer science pals and working toward the Google internship experience. Of course, you could always consider taking the Matlab way, but then you wouldn’t be as competitive during recruiting. The Python logo isn’t made up of two snakes for nothing.


If you were planning on going into business, you probably knew that math was in your future one way or another. Also, developing your math acumen can be just as thrilling as sitting in a Haas classroom. There are so many classes to choose from and paths to take that you may find yourself getting into business school after undergrad or find yourself dabbling in economics, then stats, then data science and then … computer science.

Political science

If you’re still interested in studying in a field that currently makes up a large part of the fabric of our society, consider Poli Sci. You might even find other fellow Haas rejects. The point is, it potentially won’t take much effort for you to fit in. As a Poli Sci major, you could engage in long debates and maybe be in charge of the company you wished to be CEO of after you would have graduated from Haas.  


Now is your chance to live in your own Barbie Dream house. It may not seem relevant at first, but since you were young, you’ve always been encouraged to dream big. As an architecture major, you can learn the tricks of the trade and move up the leadership ladder to become one of the head architects of the next tallest skyscraper. Even better, you could be the one to put a rotating platform on the very bottom floor of your building as an homage to Pimentel and your journey to success after being rejected from Haas.

Those are a few of the hundreds of majors that you can still switch into if you don’t get into Haas. It’s important to remember that things happen for a reason, and that you can turn your rejections into opportunities rather than viewing them as mere failures. 

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