Quiz: Which library should you move into for midterms?

Outside view of Moffitt Undergraduate Library
Alice Langford/File

As we begin week six of the spring semester, we’re pretty sure most of you have already started midterms — and if you haven’t, odds are you will begin soon, and it might be a good idea to start studying. With so many libraries on campus, however, how do you even choose? Take this quiz and find out where you should study for midterms!

  1. How do you feel about people in general?
    1. They’re okay, I guess.
    2. People? I love people, I’m just like, such a people person.
    3. People are complex, and human nature is such a fascinating debate. I just don’t know.
    4. To quote Dwight Schrute, “We need a new plague.”
  2. Choose a food:
    1. Pizza
    2. Meatloaf
    3. Burrata
    4. Ramen
  3. Do you care about beauty?
    1. Beauty is nice, but there are other things that are more important.
    2. No, I just care about my work.
    3. Beauty is everything, and there is beauty in everything.
    4. No, I only care about dogs, boba tea and “The Office” (or other things that people think are unique personality traits).
  4. Which college are you in?
    1. Letters and Science
    2. Engineering or CNR
    3. Haas or Environmental Design
    4. Chemistry
  5. Choose a decade:
    1. 1980s
    2. 1970s
    3. 1960s
    4. 2000s
  6. How do you feel about natural light?
    1. I love the sun!
    2. What’s natural light?
    3. It’s enjoyable but not necessary.
    4. I am a child of the darkness.
  7. Pick a Berkeley staple:
    1. Artichoke’s
    2. Top Dog
    3. Cafe Milano
    4. La Burrita
  8. Pick a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie)
    1. “The Cheetah Girls”
    2. “Pixel Perfect”
    3. “The Color of Friendship”
    4. “High School Musical”
    1. Doe Library, Hargrove Music Library, Long Business Library or Environmental Design Library – You’re what we’d call classic. You’re a crowd pleaser and you love natural light, so why not venture to one of these beloved libraries with plenty of sunlight, and get to studying!
    2. Moffitt Library, Kresge Engineering Library or Main Stacks – You don’t really care about much but your work. You’re focused and a little basic, but that’s okay! Odds are you’ll run the world because of how good you are at studying for your midterms in one of these libraries.
    3. Howison Philosophy Library, Morrison Library or East Asian Library – Congratulations, you’re an intellectual and probably have a bidet or something else that sounds French. You belong in a library that’s pretty and where you can read ancient Caesar texts or debate what Kant really meant. 
    4. You don’t belong in a library — Try your dorm or some dark dank corner of Berkeley where other people and other things won’t bother you so you can pass your midterms.

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