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Your March horoscope according to where you live

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FEBRUARY 26, 2019

With the semester in full swing and midterm season upon us, we could all use a little guidance. It’s a stressful time, so you might feel tempted to look at the stars for a glimpse at how your month will go. However, why not look at something that reflects you and your choices a little more directly? Here’s a glimpse of how the month of March will unfold for you given where you’re living this semester.

The Units

The month is going to feel weird. There’ll be a week where you have a lot of work and then a week where you’ll have none. Going with the flow is your best bet, but chances are that’s what you were going to do anyway. Consider writing reminders about your assignments so you don’t forget one. At night, enjoy something on Netflix that you haven’t already watched.


March will be a busy month. Exams and papers will feel like they’re draining your energy. It may be hard to find enough time in the day to do everything you need to. Even though you’ll be busy, you’ll get the most out of your day by getting more sleep than you usually do. Prioritize work during the day, and at night, take a well-deserved break with friends.

Clark Kerr

Fun weekends and regretful Mondays will characterize your month. You’ll have a blast Friday and Saturday nights — that is until you realize that you have a midterm Monday that you still need to study for. Make sure to study during the week to avoid this dreadful fate. Spring break will eventually come as a break from all the tests and assignments, or as a way for you to catch up. At night, spend a quiet moment looking up at the stars.

Blackwell Hall

This March will be hard. You might not get the grade you want on a paper or an exam. Whatever the reason, this month might feel like it’s breaking your spirit. But don’t let it. Grades don’t reflect who you really are. College is a place to learn, not to stress. As long as you try your best, no one should judge you (including you yourself!). At night, be social and talk to some new faces. 


You’ll notice rain a lot more than your friends who live in the dorms. Rain in the morning might ruin your mood, but only if you let it. Make sure your bag will stay dry, and keep an umbrella on hand. Much like the rain, a test will come up before you realize it. Don’t panic or cram the night before. Instead, review your notes each morning and focus on what you don’t know. At night, enjoy some good food.

No matter your housing situation, go out and enjoy your month. Hopefully, your future looks bright. If not, go for it and make it bright as can be!

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FEBRUARY 26, 2019