Editor’s note: Rehabilitation 2019

Rehabilitation takes many different forms, but they all strive for the same goal: to help individuals heal and recover from past traumas. This certainly isn’t easy — especially when there aren’t enough resources to go around — and this issue of The Daily Californian is dedicated to giving community members the opportunity to share the struggles they’ve faced in their path to recovery.

From addiction resources to physical therapy for sports-related injuries, the stories in this issue feature a wide range of rehabilitation methods. Our reporters spoke to both Berkeley residents and campus students to hear their experiences accessing — or providing — rehabilitation services in the community.

And our coverage extends far beyond our local community; our arts writers analyze the representation of excessive substance use in films, and our opinion section features an op-ed about the importance of rehabilitation services for formerly incarcerated individuals in the Bay Area.

Rehabilitation is a complex and widespread issue, but our goal for this issue is to share many different, diverse experiences because we believe these are all stories that deserve to be heard.

Harini Shyamsundar is the editor in chief and president, Chantelle Lee is the managing editor and Victoria Do is the creative director. Contact them at [email protected] and follow The Daily Californian on Twitter at @dailycal.