From the depths of r/berkeley: Is it possible to balance a mechanical engineering degree with frat life?

Person observing engineering equipment, sitting with laptop, and drinking with a Kiwibot
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Possible to balance Mechanical engineering major w frat life ? from r/berkeley

Freshmen are attracted to Greek life like moths are attracted to UC Berkeley’s motto. Whether they’re an English major or a bioengineering major, they just can’t keep away. But what about the bane of every UC Berkeley student’s existence, an engineering major? An eager prefrosh posed a pressing question to the r/berkeley community: Is it possible to balance a Mechanical engineering degree with frat life? They also coyly specified, “not the engineering frats.” We at the Clog have got your back, future bro.

To answer this question bluntly and enthusiastically, it’s absolutely possible to balance the often five-year-long toil of a MechE degree with the party-hard life of a traditional frat! We must warn you, however, that things can go south real fast. One Reddit user chides, “You’ll have one shitty semester when you pledge and you’ll only be able to keep your grades high after if you have a lot of discipline.” Basically, if you can get through the pledging, you’re golden.

Not all frat guys are just sacks of flesh that consume alcohol — some of them are actually smart! If you find the brotherly love of living in a frat too overwhelming, ask one of your smart bros to transfer some of that love to your ME 40 homework for the week or have them help you finally build that solar-powered vehicle that was due yesterday.

To practice your MechE skills, a frat is a perfect place to let your inventor fantasies run wild! You can craft a revolutionary beer-delivering machine that’ll have bros talking about it years from now or a motorized bed for your 2 a.m. booty call. As one Redditor fittingly preaches, “As long as you can handle the endless stream of nattys and keystone lites, you’ll be good dude. Sicko Mode!!!”

Sicko Mode indeed.

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