Let’s make a toast! Celebrate National Toast Day with these 3 recipes

Kelly Fong/Staff

Who doesn’t love toast? It’s loaded with carbs, and you can customize it to make it your own! From dousing it with Nutella to making an Instagram-worthy avocado toast, there are just so many ways you can lighten up your morning with some delicious and savory toast! My favorite type of bread to use is Semifreddi’s French Loaf bread. Cut it in slices, place it in the oven for about 10-12 minutes at 400 F and you’ll get perfectly crispy slices of toast. Here are three ways you can spice up your toast to celebrate National Toast Day!

Peanut butter and banana toast

This is one of the easiest ways you can turn a plain piece of bread into a mouthwatering and protein-filled one! Peanut butter and bananas are a great source of protein and carbs. This recipe will keep you stuffed for the entire morning.


Crunchy peanut butter

Sliced bananas


Spread the peanut butter over your toasted bread and top it off with slices of bananas. You can substitute the peanut butter for almond butter, Nutella and even cookie butter! Strawberries are also a great addition to this recipe!

Avocado toast with egg  

You can never have too much avocado in your life. This is one of my favorite recipes as it includes all my favorite ingredients — avocado, egg and bread! Avocado toast looks fancy but it’s extremely easy to make! Show off your cooking skills with this recipe!


1 egg

½ of an avocado

½ teaspoon lemon juice

A dash of salt

A dash of pepper  


In a small pan, fry an egg. I like mine to be cooked sunny-side up for this recipe.While the egg is cooking, mash the avocado in a small bowl with a fork. Squeeze in the lemon and mix in the salt and pepper. Spread the avocado mixture onto the toasted bread and place the egg right on top. Feel free to top it off with some extra pepper and salt!  

Smoked salmon and cucumber toast

This recipe is extremely light and equally delicious! The cucumbers add a refreshing component to this recipe and the smoked salmon ties it all together. I would highly recommend this recipe if you’re not looking for something too heavy and want room for other snacks throughout the morning.  


Cream cheese

Sliced cucumber

Sliced smoked salmon 


Spread the cream cheese on the toasted bread, and add about 4-5 thinly sliced cucumber bits and smoked salmon on top.  

All of these recipes take less than five minutes to make. Happy National Toast Day! We hope you have a toasty day!

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