Midterm season drinking game for UC Berkeley students

An illustration of an array of alcohol bottles.
Arianna Ninh /File

Ah, midterms season — the stress that has accompanied this vague (and, if we might add, indefinite) segment of the semester has hardly been understated. But we know you didn’t click on this article to read about healthy ways to cope with midterms-induced stress or to find tips on where you should study. You clicked on this article to learn about what UC Berkeley students do best — playing hard after working hard. Get out your Four Lokos and Fireball, because the Clog is here with a great way to make it through this trying time. Have your drink of choice on hand at all times, from your late night in Moffitt to test day in Pimentel, and play along with our drinking game that will make the midterms stretch fly by faster than you can say “Regrade Request.”

Take a drink if…

  • Someone in your class acts surprised to learn that you have a midterm
  • Your professor uses the phrase “As you prepare for the midterm…” at any point before you’ve started preparing for the midterm
  • Someone asks if content that is obviously irrelevant will be on the midterm
  • You tag a friend in a meme/Overheard post involving midterms when you should be studying for your midterm
  • Your GSI says anything along the lines of “I’ll be looking for…”

Take a shot if…

  • You pull an all-nighter to study
  • There are no open seats when you arrive at the review session
  • You find out the midterm is open-note
  • Your midterm has an essay question
  • Your midterm only has four questions but each question has parts A, B, C, D, etc. (one part = one shot)
  • Your parents ask how your studying is going
  • You lie to your parents about how your studying is going

Steal someone else’s drink if…

  • Someone asks you to add them to the study guide
  • Someone asks if you brought an extra green book
  • Someone asks to borrow a pen/pencil

Finish your drink if…

  • You forget your cheat sheet
  • You forget to submit your take-home midterm
  • You have back-to-back midterms
  • You’re the first one to finish your midterm
  • You’re the last one to finish your midterm
  • You finish your midterm

Remember, you must be 21 years old or older to participate. Enjoy responsibly, good luck on your midterms and as always, Go Beers!

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