Editors’ note: No place like home

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UC Berkeley boasts a great many things: excellent professors, motivated students, great food and lots of squirrels. An accessible housing market is not one of them. When students arrive in Berkeley in search of their first apartments, they compete with thousands of their peers for a limited number of spaces priced at exorbitantly high rents not to mention negotiating the tricky process of trying to get along with roommates.

In this issue, we hope to help you navigate the ups and downs of finding a place to live in Berkeley, giving you an inside look at students’ experiences with everything from living in a campus apartment to commuting from home. Ultimately, living in Berkeley is no easy feat, and that’s why many people choose not to. But for those who do, we hope this issue gives some insight into making the often crowded and inaccessible Berkeley landscape into something that resembles home.

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