From the Design Desk | Artwork by Olivia Staser

Bullets and Arrows: A series

Both art and medicine are more than just careers — they are a practice. You practice medicine as you practice art, and in many ways, the two become synonymous. As much as science and calculations matter in medicine, it is no less of an art than painting or drawing. As an artist, an Emergency Medical Technician and a pre-med student, I’m lucky enough to experience that intersection firsthand. Hopefully, in my practice, I bring the beauty of the art of medicine to you through these pieces, displaying the intricacies and complexity that is the macrocosm of the human body. — Olivia Staser.
Here at The Daily Californian, the design department is responsible for both laying out the physical newspaper you pick up every day as well as for handling all the illustrations you see accompanying feature stories, editorials, and op-eds. Many of the staff also work on art in their own time, and in this series we highlight some of those pieces.

This “From The Design Desk” piece comes from Olivia Staser as a part of a portfolio series, “Bullets and Arrows.” Check back biweekly for future instalments of her artwork!

Contact Olivia Staser at [email protected].

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