7 delicious places to treat yo’ self on Mardi Gras

A person walks past a restaurant on a sunny day.
Anissa Nishioka /File

Today is Mardi Gras: a celebration referring to Carnival in Brazil, which marks the celebration before Lent begins. Whether you’re religious or not, Mardi Gras is a day to treat yo’ self to every food you want, good or bad, and to feast on anything decadent and delicious. Here’s a list of seven local restaurants and eateries in Berkeley that serve incredible food to stuff your face with on Mardi Gras.

Cupcakin’ Bake Shop

Recently moving from Durant to Telegraph, Cupcakin’ serves freshly baked cupcakes daily in a wide variety of flavors, all of which you’ll want to try. Whether it’s a classic red velvet or a decadent chocolate toffee cupcake, you’ll leave with delicious and creative cupcakes to shove your face with.

Yogurt Park

A Berkeley staple, Yogurt Park has been around since 1977, and its generous portions make it an incredible place to pig out and consume more frozen yogurt than you thought possible. With incredibly generous portions, you can get a mountain of french vanilla yogurt topped with real cookie dough. Yogurt Park is the ultimate frozen yogurt place for anyone who wants to feast on froyo.

Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana

Consistently voted the best Italian food in Berkeley, Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana serves up some rich and creamy goodness in its pasta, providing sizable portions as well as a piece of garlic bread to help any carb lover feast and find their ultimate glutton within. Whether it’s pasta, calzones or even pizza, you will leave Gypsy’s full and more than fulfilled.

Toss Noodle Bar

Don’t be fooled by its humble facade. Toss Noodle Bar is a flavorful Asian fusion restaurant serving a variety of noodles, rice and other quick bites, but what makes it unique is the ability to design your own noodle or rice dish. With a wide variety of noodle types, sauce flavors and protein options, the combinations are endless, making it a tasty hot spot on Shattuck that’ll leave you wanting more and more.

Little Gem Belgian Waffles

Located on Telegraph, Little Gem serves up customized Belgian waffles — from the classic waffle with maple syrup to waffles covered with chocolate, fruit, Nutella, ice cream and even torched marshmallows. If you’re looking for a place to feast on sugary goodness, Little Gem may be the place for you.


With award-winning wood-fired pizzas and a notable beer list, Jupiter is the perfect place to feast on high-quality food and stuff yourself with more pizza than imaginable. With more than 15 different pizzas to choose from, Jupiter has options for everyone, and every slice brings you closer to heaven.


Nothing sounds quite as decadent as cinnamon rolls covered in icing. Now imagine building your own cinnamon roll from a wide variety of options and toppings. Cinnaholic allows you to craft your own cinnamon rolls, taking decadence and richness to an incredible and potentially scary level. The possibilities are endless, making its sweet cinnamon rolls the perfect way to be a glutton.

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