Budding new artist Christinna O releases smooth new single ‘Lay It Down’

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Christinna O, a 19-year-old R&B singer based in Philadelphia, released her newest and smoothest single “Lay It Down” last month on Feb. 26.

“Lay It Down” is the newest sneak peek of her upcoming debut EP, Girl In Passing. Christinna O is a fairly new artist, and considering this is her second single on Spotify, it’s an astonishingly mature addition to her musical repertoire, making her an artist to watch out for in the music industry. On Instagram, the singer said this particular song was “an emotionally peeling moment” for her.

And “emotionally peeling,” surprisingly enough, is a fitting description for the new track.

The singer’s Jorja Smith-esque vocals lay down silky against groovy background clicks and layered tones in “Lay It Down.” Sounding straight out of the early 2000s, the vibe is built for listeners who probably bumped Ciara and Destiny’s Child in elementary school. The nostalgic influences are clear yet Christinna O does a brilliant job ensuring they don’t sound tired, and instead, complement her innovative sound in inspiring ways.

The lyrics of her newest song carry an atmosphere of spoken-word poetry, and spout feelings of intimacy and vulnerability on a personal and artistic level. The words “Cynical / Blood identical / Your worst enemy / It looks just like you” gently grace the surface of releasing one’s own personal burdens to be filled with another person’s spirit.

“This song is about intimacy,” Christinna O said in the single release. “It’s a choice and a permission, to let someone else know that they are welcome and they are the one I’m ready to lay down my burdens with. To feel valid in my vulnerability but ultimately, love.”

The message of intimacy and vulnerability in relationships comes through crisply in Christinna O’s mesmerizing lyrics and sound. While the vocalist has few tracks officially released on Spotify, many of her original sounds can be heard on her SoundCloud account. Dating back to six years ago with her cover of “Poetic Justice” by Kendrick Lamar, Christinna O’s progress can definitely be tracked as her repertoire, skill and style has grown and evolved over time.

Christinna O has yet to release a date for Girl In Passing. Until then, listeners looking to support up-and-coming artists can be sure to give her independently released EPs, Abide and The Violet Tape, some much-deserved listening time.

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