Five candidates for Kylie Jenner’s new best friend

A woman in short gray hair poses in front of a gray background.
Wikimedia/Creative Commons

At this point, who hasn’t heard about the drama revolving around Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian and Jordyn Woods? Best friend to “self-made” billionaire Kylie, Jordyn Woods recently admitted to sharing a kiss with NBA player, Tristan Thompson, who also happened to be in a complicated relationship with Jenner’s half-sister, Khloé Kardashian. Acting swiftly, the notorious Kardashian-Jenner klan has severed all ties with Woods, leaving many with the question of who will replace her as Kylie’s new best friend. Only few are cut out for the position, and we at the Clog, have five candidates that we think can keep up with the reality TV family.


Rain or shine, the KiwiBot is always there for you. It’ll travel across the sacred UC Berkeley seal where no student has gone before and bolt through Sproul, dodging all of the consulting clubs so you don’t have to. Kylie needs a trustworthy friend she can rely on and this delivery service robot delivers the perfect friendship she wants (plus, any food she’s craving)!

Berkeley’s squirrels

These critters are unlike squirrels you’ll find anywhere else. They aren’t afraid to eat right out of the palm of your hand, demonstrating the bravery that Kylie needs in her next best friend. Sorry Jordyn, looks like snakes have been replaced by another member of the animal kingdom.

Oski the Bear

Although times may be seemingly grim for the young billionaire (at least relatively), Kylie can always count on the greatest school mascot ever to cheer her up with his eternal smile. Oski’s got a lot more in common with the starlet than you’d think. A sense of style? Check. Have you seen his cardigan that looks fresh off the runway? Tons of haters? Another check. That pesky tree across the Bay can’t seem to ever leave him alone. There’s so much for these two to bond over!

Flyer-ers on Sproul

These passionate students will go to great lengths to give you a flyer for their business club, but they’ll go to even greater lengths to win Kylie’s friendship. Who better to talk business with than the cosmetics mogul herself? She’ll surely be interested in picking up their flyers. After all, her brand could use help removing all traces of Jordyn, given that they’ve collaborated on several products together.

Hell yeah guy

Sometimes you need a pal who’ll tell it to you like it is, and Berkeley’s residential celeb, the Hell yeah! guy, makes for one extremely candid comrade. He’ll be the first to let her know when her outfit is looking fresh or if her newest eyeshadow palette is beautifully pigmented via one loud, booming “hell yeah!”

Does anyone have Kris Jenner’s number? Someone get the “momager” on the phone right away because we think we’ve put together the best posse of friends for her daughter.

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