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Quiz: Which fictional female warrior are you?

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MARCH 07, 2019

Have you ever seen a film or a television show with women kicking ass and wished that were you? Have you ever practiced a few punches and kicks when you’re alone in the elevator? In honor of International Women’s Day, your days of wondering are now over and you can now discover exactly which fictional woman warrior you are.


  1. Choose your weapon:
    1. Sword
    2. I don’t fight, my army does.
    3. Spear
    4. I am the weapon.
  2. Pick a color:
    1. Yellow
    2. White
    3. Red
    4. Purple
  3. Who are you fighting?
    1. Those who’ve wronged me.
    2. My enemies.
    3. The bad guys.
    4. My oppressors.
  4. What motivates you?
    1. Revenge
    2. Family
    3. Loyalty
    4. Freedom
  5. Pick a season:
    1. Winter
    2. Summer
    3. Spring
    4. Autumn
  6. Pick a Quentin Tarantino film:
    1. “Inglourioius Basterds”
    2. “Pulp Fiction”
    3. “The Hateful Eight”
    4. “Django Unchained”
  7.  Pick a time period”
    1. Present
    2. Past
    3. Near future
    4. Farther future
  8. Who do you put first?
    1. Myself
    2. My ancestors
    3. My country
    4. My children
  9. Pick a Disney princess:
    1. Jasmine
    2. Mulan
    3. Belle
    4. Moana
  10. Pick a famous actress:
    1. Grace Kelly
    2. Audrey Hepburn
    3. Jane Fonda
    4. Marilyn Monroe
    1. The Bride (“Kill Bill”) — You’re a strong and disciplined warrior who will stop at nothing to avenge yourself and the people you love. No matter who stands in your way, or what you’ve been through, you will survive, and they will pay.
    2. Daenerys Targaryen (“Game of Thrones”) — Much like Daenerys, you’re planning to take back what’s yours and what has been taken from your family. You’re caring, fearless and play an important role in the lives of the people closest to you. Most importantly, though, you’re the Mother of Dragons!
    3. Okoye (“Black Panther”) — Congratulations, you’re the general of Wakanda’s army and you’re able to hold your own, even against the toughest of foes. You’re also incredibly comedic and charismatic, making you more than just a warrior, but a leader too.
    4. Maeve Millay (“Westworld”) — Much like Maeve, you’re incredibly smart and understand exactly how to manipulate the people around you and your environment to achieve what you want. You’re also incredibly compassionate and empathetic, and while you have personal goals, you try to save and improve the lives of everyone around you.


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MARCH 08, 2019