From the Photo Desk: ‘Albany Bulb’ by Stephanie Li

Stephanie Li/Staff

Although Berkeley is a relatively small city, places such as Albany Bulb are waiting to be discovered. The hazy sunset illuminates the San Francisco skyline as people sit beside a campfire on the beach or go for a jog. Graffiti and other works of art made from glass or metal scraps reflect creativity, purpose and freedom. Initially a place I only visited during vacations, the Bay Area has become a home to me over the past two years.

Sitting on the beach triangulated by the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco and the East Bay, I feel content because I have uncovered another piece of treasure that I get to call my second home. I’ve gotten used to the cool ocean breeze, the hustle and bustle of people and cars as they circulate the Bay Area “triangle.” Whether it’s a tiny bookstore at the end of the street or a park that you walk by every day to get to class, the Bay Area is beautiful in its own way, as it holds countless stories, experiences and niches waiting to be explored.

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