UC Berkeley junior Wyatt Colby announces independent candidacy for ASUC president

Amanda Ramirez/Senior Staff

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UC Berkeley junior Wyatt Colby announced his independent campaign to run for ASUC president on a platform of uniting the campus community.

Colby, a transfer student, said his primary platform focuses on building campus community. He believes that the student body, though diverse, needs to come together to enable its success.

“No matter how much people disagree … we need to find common ground and enable each other to succeed,” Colby said.

If elected, Colby aims to represent the student body by raising awareness regarding different resources for success. He also hopes to educate the student body on different avenues for success and ensure that every member of the campus community has the tools to be more politically engaged.

He added that the campus should make it a priority to reach out to conservatives to say, “We’re sorry if we ever hurt you,” specifically in regards to an incident that occurred Feb. 19 in which a man tabling for a conservative organization was assaulted on Sproul Plaza.

“I disagree that a lot of people have a negative view of Berkeley because it’s a liberal school or a monolithic school,” Colby said. “Whether or not a majority of the school is liberal, we are compassionate toward beliefs which are different.”

Colby added that the ASUC is merely a representation of the campus. If elected as president, Colby said he would follow the lead of ASUC senators, the campus’s “representatives.” He added, however, that the ASUC would be better equipped to aid the campus if individuals, not just senators, reached out to the ASUC to express their opinions.

“What I see the presidency as is a figure people can look to,” Colby said. “Regardless of if I win or not, those who are fearful (and those who) want change… can count on me fighting for them.”

Voting for the ASUC elections will be held April 8, 9 and 10.

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