A blissful day at the Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market

Pixabay/Creative Commons

When I first arrived to Berkeley last fall, the one thing I was most excited about was discovering all the amazing food spots in the city. The first week I arrived, I stumbled upon the Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market, held every Saturday from 1o a.m. to 3 p.m. Little did I know, the farmers’ market would become one of my favorite places in Berkeley for food or otherwise. Now, without fail, you can find me every Saturday at the health haven that is the Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market. Here are three farmers’ stands that you absolutely need to check out.

Andy & Cindy’s Thai Cuisine

First and foremost is this absolutely delectable food stand. Andy and Cindy have curated an impressive array of dishes, all featuring local and whole ingredients. Their chicken curry is indescribably delicious: chicken and vegetables cooked in a thick coconut milk curry, served over perfectly steamed brown rice. On the side is a fresh green salad, replete with mixed greens, crunchy cabbage and jicama — all topped with a flavorful sesame seed dressing. Add a side of chicken satay with peanut sauce, and you’re all set!

Date stand

I never appreciated all the different varieties of dates until I came across this stand. From Zahidi to Barhi to the ubiquitous Medjool, this is the place for discovering the exquisite caramel-like flavor and texture of different types of dates. Best of all, the dates can be kept for weeks (or even months!) without refrigeration. So they’re the perfect snack to keep around in times of need — namely, when you’re pulling an all-nighter and need a healthy dose of natural sugar.

Beber Almondmilk

I have never tasted bottled almond milk as fresh and flavorful as the one at Beber’s stand. The quality of its product is outstanding — there are no conservatives or thickeners here, so you can truly taste the pureness of the almonds in the drink. Most of its almond milks consist of only four ingredients: almonds, purified water, wildflower honey and a flavoring of choice. These can range from lavender to vanilla-honey, but the cacao is my personal favorite — it tastes just like chocolate milk!

We hope this article inspired you to explore your local farmers’ market. Supporting nearby food growers is incredibly important, not just because it supports the local economy, but also because you know that the quality of food you’ll be receiving is top-notch! If you’re ever in doubt about what to do on a Saturday morning, the farmers’ market is always an amazing choice.

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