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National Pancake Day: What type of pancake you should eat based on your major

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MARCH 11, 2019

Pancakes are a classic American breakfast. They come in many different forms to satisfy every craving. National Pancake Day is March 12, so why not go out there and get yourself some pancakes? If you’re having a hard time deciding, here’s what type of pancake you should get based on your major.

Business: Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a flavor of pancakes that you can find anywhere, especially in hotel breakfast buffets. So, if you’re planning on being a business person who travels to different conferences, you might as well get used to them now. Bad buttermilk pancakes are hard to come by, so be sure to get some and eat up!

Art: Pancake art

There are some very impressive individuals who can create an art piece using just pancake batter and a griddle. Why not appreciate this art for its creativity and fun? You could even try to do some yourself. Let these pancakes refuel your creativity and remind you why you like art in the first place.

French: Crêpes

You’re already studying the language, so why not enjoy the food as well? These thin pancake-like foods can be sweet or savory, so it can fulfill any of your cravings. It’s a chance for you to immerse yourself a little more into the world of your studies. This recommendation also extends to anyone studying another language who wants something less American to celebrate National Pancake Day.

English: Pancakes with fruit in them

Chances are, you want something a little more complex than the usual fare, much like your taste in books. So, why not get some pancakes with a little added complexity — fruit. Having fruit cooked in the pancake adds sudden bursts of flavor when you’re eating it. Like a good book, there’ll be the occasional surprise to keep the story from getting dull, but it’ll also be a great experience throughout.

Biology: Latkes

Why not take your sugars the way nature enjoys packing it — in starch. Potato pancakes can be a nice reminder that once starch is broken down a little, the sweetness of the sugars can come out. They can also be both savory and sweet without being slathered in syrup, so it can be the perfect way to celebrate National Pancake Day.

Architecture: Stack of pancakes

You appreciate the structure of things, so why not enjoy the structure of a stack of pancakes? They can be any type you want, just as long as they’re in a stack. That way, you can examine how it holds up as you take off and eat each pancake.

So, go out there and get some pancakes! Hopefully, this has helped you figure out what type of pancakes to get, whether it be for breakfast or for dinner.

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MARCH 12, 2019