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Which Jonas brother are you according to your personality?

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MARCH 11, 2019

In celebration of the Jonas Brothers finally getting back together, we thought it might be fun to look back at what makes the trio and Frankie (or as we like to call him, the “Bonus Jonas”) so great. Here is which Jonas brother you would be based on your personality.

Joe Jonas

You’re the “cool” friend that likes to experiment with style, whether it be your clothing or the way you introduce yourself to people. People are drawn to your deep gaze and beautiful voice. You find yourself in front of crowds or groups without making any effort to do so. Your peers enjoy being around you for your sense of humor and spontaneity, and the room lights up as soon as you enter it. You’re content with being alone, but you wouldn’t mind having a significant other to share your thoughts about life with. Joe Jonas also represents your personality especially if you’re currently obsessed with “Game of Thrones.” 

Nick Jonas

You have Nick Jonas’ personality if you consider yourself great at everything you do. You also find beauty in struggle and will not meet “the one” until after all of your other friends have. You’re quiet and humble. You let your accomplishments speak for you. You believe happiness comes from within and that taking care of your body and mind will bring the best rewards in the future. Sticking to tradition is not part of your “brand,” and you’re proud of it. You believe that endings can bring new beginnings and that any opportunity is a good one, even if your friends disagree. You take your career very seriously and make decisions from the heart because you consider yourself very in-tune with your emotions.

Kevin Jonas

You exude Kevin Jonas if you find yourself constantly third-wheeling with your friends. Your presence is always appreciated, but no one goes to you first to start a conversation. You prefer living a simple life and maintaining tradition. After college, you plan to settle down and leave your heydays of college partying. You notice that you’re the first person in your friend group to do things, but your friends get more attention for doing the same thing once they get around to it. Sometimes you wish you got more attention, but being around your friends’ highest and lowest moments has made it all worth it.

BONUS JONAS: Frankie Jonas

You’d be Frankie if you’ve considered yourself a Jonas Brothers’ fan even when they briefly broke up. You are dedicated to your taste in music and are generally very supportive of your siblings. You don’t mind getting a lot of attention, and in some ways, you prefer things to be that way. You tend to socialize with peers your own age, and you let life run its course one day at a time. Frankie Jonas is emblematic of your personality if you prefer to take the road less traveled. To top it all off, when it comes to sharing information about yourself, you are far from an open book.

Whether you just started stanning the Jonas Brothers after their release of “Sucker,” have been a true fan since their It’s About Time album or you just heard of them a week ago, the Jonas Brothers have impacted our lives at UC Berkeley in one way or another.

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MARCH 11, 2019