Two Oakland gang members arrested in connection with San Pablo Park shootings

Brian Bi/Staff

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Two North Side Oakland, or NSO, “Freezem gang members” were arrested in connection with San Pablo Park shootings that occurred between August and January, as first reported by Berkeleyside.

The two members of the NSO gang were targeting members of Five Finga Mafia L’s gang, according to a declaration and determination document from Alameda County signaling probable cause for a warrantless arrest.

According to the document, it was first indicated that a four-door white vehicle with tinted windows and “Dailey” paper license plates stopped in the middle of the street in front of San Pablo Park at approximately 5:33 p.m.

According to the document, an individual in the vehicle fired, “striking three individuals at the park.” The document also indicated that an individual inside the park fired back as the vehicle drove away.

The target of the shooting, a south Berkeley Five Finga Mafia gang member, was critically wounded. Additionally, two unrelated bystanders were also shot while attending a party at the park.  

A .45 caliber, .40 caliber and 9mm casings were uncovered at the scene and surveillance videos were able to identify the vehicle as a “white four-door Chevy Impala,” according to the document.

On Nov. 29, 2018, Antoine Johnson, a NSO gang member, was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a 9mm pistol, which matched the casing left at the scene in the August shooting at San Pablo Park.

According to the document, further investigation found that another NSO gang member, Shane Downs, was the registered owner of a white four-door Chevy Impala with dark tinted windows. Police had observed the car parked in front of Downs’ residence. The document said that Downs’ vehicle had a chrome license plate frame with an “F.H. Dailey” daily emblem at the bottom.

In the document, declarant Kyle White reported that he believed Downs was “concealing his vehicle’s actual license plates with ‘Dailey’ paper plates,” when he allegedly committed crimes like the shooting.

According to the document, the police department used a warrant and found that Downs’ phone records showed Downs was near the scene of the August shooting before and just after the shooting, even though Downs had stated in an interview he never comes to Berkeley.

A search warrant executed at Downs’ residence revealed a box of Winchester 223 ammunition, which was the same brand and caliber as the rifles rounds found at the San Pablo Park shooting in January, where another Berkeley Five  Finga Mafia member was targeted, according to the document.

According to Alameda County’s inmate locator, Downs was booked into the Santa Rita Jail on Feb. 27. His plea hearing is April 26 at the René C. Davidson Alameda County Courthouse.


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