Pivoting you to some pretty perfect pie in Berkeley for Pi Day

Jessica Schwabach/Staff

While Pi Day is known for its mathematical importance, it’s really nothing more than a yearly festival of pie binging. With this in mind, here are some popular places around town to feed your irrational love for the dessert (or, if it floats your boat, a savory equivalent).

Saturn Cafe

Lively and cozy, Saturn Cafe makes you feel right at home as you enjoy a meal with your friends and family. With an all-day breakfast and the best vegan-friendly pies in town, this cafe literally has it all. Though you may struggle to choose from their wide range of options, a slice of pie from Saturn will end the day as the best Pi Day you’ll have in college.


Hidden on the corner of their menu, Berkeley’s favorite ice cream parlor offers both blueberry and apple pie, served warm with your choice of ice cream. While both pies are delightful with a simple scoop of vanilla, the apple pie becomes the dessert of your dreams when combined with the cin-ful churro ice cream. On the other hand, the blueberry pie is best served with a scoop of blueberry cheesecake or if that’s a little too much blueberry for you, vanilla.


For those of you who don’t want the basic pie, this cinnamon roll bakery offers a variety of pie-related options, from a topping of pie crumbs for any roll to pie-themed items like their classic caramel banana cream pie roll. Best of all, the variety of icing and topping options lets you customize your way to the pie-roll of your dreams.

Sheng Kee

If traditional “pie” isn’t really your thing, Sheng Kee can make your Pi Day a little more unique. Whether it be their sweet Portuguese custard tarts or the savory chicken pie, celebrate the day Berkeley-style with your eastern pastry in one hand and a cup of boba tea in the other.

Passione Caffe

Want something a little more fresh, or simply an excuse to have pizza on pie day? Passione Cafe has desserts like mixed fruit tart and formato di mele (apple tart), as well as authentic Italian pizza. While pizza might not traditionally be what Pi Day is about, getting some from Passione Caffe is, if anything, the best way to go.

Whether you go to them all or only one, we, at the Clog can assure you that your Pi Day is incomplete without trying at least one of the places we’ve recommended.

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