Let us guess which St. Patrick’s Day themed symbol you are!

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MARCH 14, 2019

Whether you’ve already got your green face paint and hair dye for the upcoming holiday, or you’re just excited about the themed food from Trader Joe’s, we’ve got a St. Paddy’s Day-inspired quiz for you! Keep reading to find out what kind of Irish symbol your personality aligns with the most.


  1. You’ve got the rest of the afternoon off — what are you doing?
    1. Writing, painting or doing something else that’s creative.
    2. Going shopping (online or around town).
    3. Tossing a frisbee on Memorial Glade or heading to the gym.
    4. Hanging out with friends.
  2. Pick a spirit animal
    1. Unicorn
    2. Peacock
    3. Lion
    4. Dog
  3. Choose your favorite St. Patrick’s Day themed dessert:
    1. Mint chocolate chip brownies
    2. Shamrock sugar cookies
    3. Irish cream cake
    4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  4. What would your friends say is your best quality?
    1. You’re creative and fun.
    2. You inspire others to try new things.
    3. You’re always down for an adventure.
    4. You’ve got your friends’ backs, no matter what!
  5. Choose a St. Patrick’s Day inspired drink:
    1. Irish coffee
    2. McDonald’s Shamrock Shake
    3. Mint mojito
    4. Starbucks’ Lucky Leprechaun Frappuccino (secret menu!)
  6. How do you like your potatoes?
    1. Roasted garlic potatoes
    2. French fries all the way!
    3. Baked
    4. Mashed
    1. Four-leaf clover: You are one of a kind! People admire your talent and creative spirit. You make all things fun and do your best to make other people’s days a little brighter. Your kindness and curiosity for the world set you apart from the crowd and, while everyone may not understand you, you’re a diamond in the rough. Keep being you!
    2. Leprechaun hat: You’re a trendsetter! You’re energetic, outspoken and courageous. You aren’t afraid to venture outside your comfort zone and take risks every now and then, and your fun-loving attitude makes people want to try new things too.
    3. Horseshoe: You’re adventurous! You think about the world in a different way, although you might not always share that with others. You’re drawn to the chance to explore new places and new things, and you have a close circle of friends that you would do anything for. Your friends love your open mind, big heart and great attitude.
    4. Pot of gold: You’re an amazing friend. Your loyalty and compassion for others shine through like a pot of gold! People look to you for guidance and sincerely value your opinion and advice. Keep doing what you’re doing.


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MARCH 16, 2019