Editors’ Note: Mar. 15

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Lately, Weekender staff meetings have been held in a single, crowded cubicle because our usual outdoor meeting place has been drenched in rain — but our writers haven’t let that stop them from creatively branching out in as many various directions as they did for this issue.

Headlining this issue, staff writer Hari Srinivasan writes on the latest psychological and behavioral research about how to maintain a loving relationship — active communication, it turns out, is the key. Staff writer Arianna Moss, similarly drawing on research and interviewee perspectives, covers the range of stigmas surrounding the orgasm.

From underneath a moist armpit in a shared Uber Pool, staff writer Jericho Rajninger points out changing dynamics in the ways a society obsessed with “sharing” communicates.

In a personal essay, staff writer Andreas Gjosaether speaks about an uncomfortable situation that defied his expectations of UC Berkeley. Staff writer Ru-Ping Chen similarly reflects on her love and discomfort with the film franchise “Lord of the Rings” as she comes to recognize its problematic depictions of race. Contributing a poem fraught with emotion, staff writer Layla Chamberlin meditates on the beginnings and ends of relationships.

Three of our writers turned to different modes of storytelling. Staff writer Aliya Haas Blinman crafted an intimate poem of resistance and female empowerment through the lens of body hair. Staff writer Danielle Miller spoke with musician Michael Franti about the importance of remaining optimistic in the face of adversity and how music could aid in the expression of optimism. Lastly, staff writer Katrina Fadrilan wrote a short story about a woman that contemplates her own death when faced with mundanity.

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