Exploring the life and legacy of the Bonus Jonas, Frankie Jonas

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Ah yes, Frankie Jonas, the Bonus Jonas, Forgotten Jonas, “Not a Jonas” Jonas brother. While most die-hard stans of the JoBros acknowledge the existence of Frankie, most, unfortunately, pass over this unpolished diamond of a guy. The Clog is here to rightfully educate the fools who dare brush off the supreme power of the fourth Jonas brother (which he should be rightfully known as).

Frankie Jonas, first of all, just recently entered the world of adulthood. To anyone here at UC Berkeley but freshmen, he’s basically a child. We don’t have any questions about his competence back when the Jonas Brothers kicked off, but his brothers expressed that he was simply too young to join the band. To be fair, the Jonas Brothers did start their rise to fame in 2005 when Nick, Joe and Kevin were only 13, 15 and 17, respectively (was it only us who used to think they were all the same age, and Nick just had an insane baby face?).

But at that time, Frankie would’ve been a mere five years old. That’s not to say that we wouldn’t appreciate seeing kindergartener Frankie jam out on the drums in the background of a Jonas Brothers music video or something like that. He’s just so talented — the world probably wouldn’t be able to handle his power at the time. Maybe his brothers were jealous, but that’s a rabbit hole to go down for another day.

Nonetheless, Frankie is an established child! He had a very important role on the Disney series we call the ultimate smash, “Jonas.” He also produces his own music under the pseudonym, Mephisto, on SoundCloud and has a couple of new collaborations coming out in the near future. Frankie is arguably the best Jonas, not Kevin. He’s an independent dude who made a name for himself despite basically living in the shadow of his bros. On top of that, he’s won sixth and third in the Great Chili Cookoff of 2010 and 2011, and he “excretes exclusively memes.” Legends only.

Even though Frankie was too young to officially join the JoBros, his real bros have done nothing but shower him with love and support. And of course, Frankie literally cemented his brothers’ success by gracing them with his awesome presence behind the scenes. We speculate that he’s actually the one who wrote, produced and played on the entire new Jonas Brothers album. We love a fam that builds each other up. And now you know the name of every bro!

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