Better late than never! Last minute spring break plans

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MARCH 18, 2019

Spring break is next week and you don’t know what you’re going to do. Everyone else seems to have these grand and elaborate plans while you forgot spring break was even happening. Don’t panic, you can still have a decent spring break. Here are some ideas for your last minute spring break plans. 

Go into San Francisco

Spending a couple days in San Francisco for spring break is a plan that doesn’t require a hotel room or plane tickets. All it takes is some BART fare and an idea of what you want to see. Just make sure to choose things that don’t need to be booked far in advance or else you’ll be disappointed.

Hike up in the Berkeley Hills

If even planning a day trip to San Francisco sounds like too much work, you could just take a hike up in the hills. There are some truly great views and it’s good exercise. You’ll have some nice photographs and might be able to make any of your friends who haven’t gone up there jealous.

Tag along with friends

The best way to go on a nice vacation without having to plan it is to tag along on a friend’s. This is your best option if you want to get out of Berkeley and have fun. Since your friend has done all the planning, you can just follow along and pay your share. Just make sure to ask nicely.

Get a head start on school work

Even though it’s meant to be a break, you can use your spring break to get school work done. This way you won’t have to rush the Sunday before school starts again like the rest of your friends. You can work at a nice leisurely pace and won’t have to stress. It might end up being the most relaxed you’ll be doing school work!

Watch Netflix

Let’s be honest, this is probably the option you’ll end up going for. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for it. Spring break is meant to be a break from the stress of school. So get comfortable and relax. You might end up having a better spring break than all your friends with their highly-structured vacations.

Spring break is meant to be a relaxing and fun time. Don’t stress out if you have nothing planned. Just remember to have fun and relax! 

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MARCH 19, 2019