Cellphone robbery at Ashby BART station results in 4 arrests by Berkeley police

Reni De La Nuez/File

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A cellphone robbery at the Ashby BART station Friday night led to the arrest of four teenage robbery suspects, according to a Nixle alert released by Berkeley Police Department on Monday afternoon.

About 9:20 p.m. Friday, a male suspect grabbed a cellphone from a 36-year-old woman who was walking out of the Ashby BART station. During the ensuing chase, the suspect accidentally dropped the phone. When the victim attempted to pick up the phone, the suspect pushed her out of the way to get to it first.

While BPD officers were later speaking with the victim, they were informed by witnesses that the suspect had been spotted near Stuart and Adeline streets along with several other teens he had been attempting robberies with earlier. When authorities responded to the area, the group of suspects ran away in different directions. BPD officers searched the area and arrested the four suspects — all 16-year-old males from Hayward — on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy.

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