UC Berkeley freshman Cameron Deptula announces independent candidacy for ASUC Senate

Stephanie Li/Staff

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Campus freshman Cameron Deptula launched his independent candidacy for the ASUC Senate on March 6.

Deptula, who is studying history, is running on an “issue-focused platform” that centers on access to free menstrual products and expanding printing resources on campus. Deptula said that as someone from “multicultural” Hawaii, he hopes to bring the campus together and celebrate differences and problems that affect everyone.

“With these platforms, I’m hoping to bring together everyone,” Deptula said. “I feel like representing small groups and representing those issues are important, but I feel like a large part of ASUC has forgotten about addressing the problems that affect everyone here.”

Deptula’s first platform calls for increased access to paper-based menstrual products on campus. According to Deptula, menstrual products should be treated as necessities and should not be an economic burden for students.

His second platform includes expanding access to free and limited printing resources across library and residence hall printers. By placing caps on free printing, Deptula hopes students will be more conscious and reduce dependence on personal printers.

Deptula said he decided to run as an independent candidate because he felt like he would not be able to effectively push for an “extremely focused” platform if he was “caught up” with party-focused issues.

Campus freshman Lily Lucero, who is Deptula’s campaign manager, said Deptula’s ambitious platforms are founded on the goal of unifying the campus.

“Cameron is a motivated, passionate and curious person,” Lucero said. “While some may see the tasks he is willing to take on as overly challenging, each day, he proves himself more capable of holding office through his dedication to his campaign, which he hopes to serve as a unifying force on campus.”

Voting for the ASUC elections will be held April 8, 9 and 10.

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